Change management and leadership

We will develop a change management process tailored to you and your company, to make your employees part of the change process, so that they experience it as a necessary step for the development of the company, rather than a constraint.

The problem it solves

Change is now an integral part of everyday business life, whether it’s an organizational transformation, the launch of a new project, process improvement or even a change in the way you work. However, success depends to a large extent on how quickly the fears and resistance to change are identified and how quickly the organization can respond to pain points and support the resolution of difficulties.

Problems: Organizational change / Project / Process improvement / Fair, paint points during work method change.


The aim is for employees to become part of the change, to become participants in it, so that they do not experience it as a constraint, but as a necessary step for the development of the company.

For example, change may be in the organization’s strategy, structure, technology or methods, people, customers, partners or culture.

Whatever the change, we see it as a key to our success to support any transformation from three directions: leadership/sponsorship, project management and change management – based on the Prosci change triangle model.


In our survey phase, we understand the purpose and status of the change, which is carried out through qualitative and quantitative studies. In the change management roadmap, we jointly set achievable and measurable goals for the colleagues and managers involved in the change, defined in predictable steps. Implementation gives you the freedom to decide whether you want to go further and whether you want to go further with us.

We will support you in developing your senior management strategic narrative (Change story), which will form the basis of your change communication strategy.

We take you to the highest level of change management. Our goal is to get you up to speed and empowered to lead change yourself. We train a master, not a perpetual apprentice. We support you with competence building and mentoring during your time together.

In group – or (on request) individual – sessions, we will introduce practical tools and practices in our Change Management Foundation / Change Leadership training that participants can try out the next day.

We promote the identification and community building of Change Agents (Change Agent Network) in the organization. After all, they are the ones who often play informal roles such as ‘data collectors’, ‘storytellers’, ‘influencers’ and ‘relationship builders’ and are essential to help people navigate the human and psychological reactions to change and transformation.

Off-site training

If you are interested in our offsite training, please contact us directly.

Our main methods and tools

We design a process tailored to you and your company; combining the most effective change management tools to deliver a unique solution for your organization.

We use ADKAR, SCARF, PCT, Lean Change Management models to jointly develop a change management process with variations of tools such as Change story, Change management canvas, Stakeholder mapping, Force field analysis or elements of Management3.0 thinking.

Realizable benefits

By supporting the leadership and management of change, the acceptance (even support) of the new model is increased and resistance points are reduced. Colleague engagement with the new way of working/process/project increases. This results in a smoother transition, a better employee experience and ultimately more engaged employees.