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LEGO workshop - agile vs. classic

Have you ever come across the term agile methodology but don't know how it is different from classical project management? If you want to understand the key differences but don't want to attend a long methodology training, or if you want to strengthen the agile methodology in your organization and engage your colleagues in this new approach, this training is designed for you.

Agile basics for teams

When switching to Agile methodology, it is of utmost importance that the people and experts involved in the change understand the challenges they are facing and what working in a new environment entails.

Management 3.0 workshop

Lead the change! Is your team under-motivated? Are they always expecting you to make the decisions, and they don’t want to take responsibility? Have you been working with a team for months/years and want to measure where you are? Do you also need feedback? Have you read a lot of management books but have not been able to put them fully into practice?

Scrum Master training

Are you interested in how Agile teams can be helped to maximize the business value they create? Our training will help you to become an effective Scrum Master in an Agile organization, equipped with practical tools and skills. If you wish, you can also take an exam on your skills after the training, and in this way, you can become internationally recognized certified.

Advanced Scrum Master

Based on our extensive experience, we provide personalized mentoring for the organizations’ Agile actors (Agile Coach, Product Owner, Scrum Master).

Product Owner training

What skills are needed to create value in an Agile environment? Our training defines what responsibilities and capabilities the PO has, and helps you understand what tools are available to work effectively.