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Organizational development, transformation

Corporate Transformation

We introduce you to agile thinking and together we create an organization that is capable of rapid change.

Corporate re-transformation

Optimize, rethink, transform, simplify, and improve together the results of a previous transformation.

Lean Governance Portfolio Management

We implement value-based prioritization and resource planning, as well as transparent portfolio tracking, using modern portfolio management processes.

Business Unit Transformation

Our aim is to realize the highest business value in the shortest time with simple and quick interventions.

Change Agent mentoring

Based on our extensive experience, we provide personalized mentoring for the organizations’ Agile actors (Agile Coach, Product Owner, Scrum Master).

Supporting individual development with LIFO

Design of an individual development plan and definition of development roadmap, even in the selection stage.

Team development with LIFO

Our method can be used to exploit the strengths of an existing team or to identify inadequate patterns of functioning. The methodology also supports the development of new teams and the selection of team members who can work together effectively.

Agile / Professional Day Facilitation

We provide a facilitated framework for professional development and fun working together. Our aim is to promote a day where team building takes place alongside the presentation of professional results, the improvement of problem solving skills and the enhancement of individual knowledge.

Change management and leadership

We will develop a change management process tailored to you and your company, to make your employees part of the change process, so that they experience it as a necessary step for the development of the company, rather than a constraint.

Organizational development, transformation

Lean Inception

A collaborative workshop to support the development of an idea for a product or service and to lay the foundations for its development.

Change agent support

Our Agile Coach, Scrum Master, and Product Owner colleagues can take any project on the next level and achieve real change during the time they work with you.