Corporate re-transformation

Optimize, rethink, transform, simplify, and improve together the results of a previous transformation.

The problem it solves

Struggling with Agile? Do you need to correct dysfunctional points, forums, and/or roles identified in your processes after transformation? Or perhaps you have managed to make “Agile” some parts of the organization and you need to improve collaboration within the “non-agile” areas?


To optimize/rethink/transform/simplify/improve the results of the previous transformation.


After our assessment, we develop a proposal to take you to the highest level of Agile. Our goal is to get you up to speed with the Agile mindset and enable you to implement Agile methods and operate more efficiently. We will develop a sustainable and continuously evolving operating model, tailored to you, which can be implemented according to the maturity level of your organization, so you are free to decide whether you want to go further and whether you want to proceed with us.

Off-site training

If you are interested in our offsite training, please contact us directly.

Our main methods and tools

Our operational development model considers aspects such as how to create or adapt forums to support close cooperation between areas to increase organizational productivity. By clarifying the roles and responsibilities of all actors involved in the processes, we will ensure that they carry out their work with the ownership necessary to complete their tasks.

Realizable benefits

By aligning more coherent and transparent operational mechanisms and forums, transparency can be ensured. In turn, actionable decisions can be made in a timely manner. Early intervention is possible.