LEGO workshop - agile vs. classic

Zsu Danka, Balázs Szabó

Location: In person


Have you ever come across the term agile methodology but don’t know how it is different from classical project management? If you want to understand the key differences but don’t want to attend a long methodology training, or if you want to strengthen the agile methodology in your organization and engage your colleagues in this new approach, this training is designed for you.


Based on a playful learning approach, the training will help you gain insight into the fundamental differences between today’s two major project management methodologies (Waterfall or also known as classical and Agile). It is not our aim, as the duration of the training does not allow for this, to provide deep methodological knowledge and we will not evaluate one over the other.

Whom we recommend it

This training can bring outstanding value to a company in two situations: when an organization is just getting acquainted with agility and wants to understand what this approach offers over classical project management. If they don’t want to attend a professional training course of several days or weeks, they can learn the basic principles here. Also, organizations where agile projects may have already started, but the organization does not yet fully understand it, or where agile transformation is stuck will find this education beneficial. This training can help to communicate the principles in a way that is understandable to colleagues who are not tasked with a deep professional understanding of agile.


  • Classic – Waterfall – project problem solving using LEGO elements in 2 groups
  • Agile project problem-solving using LEGO elements in 2 groups
  • Working through the cases together and drawing conclusions


Everyone knows LEGO. Our training helps you learn to use this universal and creative toy in a new way. During the time spent together, we will divide the participants (10-12 people) into two groups and simulate the two methodologies through two short project tasks. After solving the tasks, we will discuss the differences and lessons learned. The training comes with pre-defined tasks and game rules, so no long preparatory work is necessary. Participants are not expected to have project management experience or knowledgen.

Off-site training

If you are interested in our offsite training, please contact us directly.