Management 3.0 workshop

Roland Szmola, Zsu Danka

Location: In person


Lead the change! Is your team under-motivated? Are they always expecting you to make the decisions, and they don’t want to take responsibility? Have you been working with a team for months/years and want to measure where you are? Do you also need feedback? Have you read a lot of management books but have not been able to put them fully into practice?

If you fare facing any of these challenges, then this workshop is for you!

Management 3.0 workshop is not only fun, but more importantly, it is practical. It provides practical tools and practices that participants can try out the very next day. It is not a new model, but a way of thinking, a variation of advice and techniques that will help all members of the organization (not just managers) to be effective in this changing world.

During the training, we will do experiments together that will introduce you to the mindset that leadership is not just the responsibility of managers, but of everyone. Thus, we recommend the training for everyone! It is especially beneficial for experts who are responsible for the change in the organization.


The training answers management questions such as:

  • How to choose a motivational tool in different situations?
  • How can I increase the sense of ownership in my colleagues?
  • How can we change the corporate culture?

All parts of the course include practical exercises and tools. The six modules are:

  • Energizing people
    • People are the most important part of an organization, so leaders must do everything they can to keep them active, creative, and motivated.
  • Empowering teams
    • The self-organization of the teams requires an appropriate environment, empowerment, and the trust of the managers.
  • Clarifying responsibilities
    • The outcome of self-organization can be anything, so it is important to have a common set of values, a culture, and clear well-defined goals.
  • Developing competences
    • Teams cannot achieve their goals if team members do not have the skills to do so, so it is important that the leaders help develop the right competencies.
  • Organizational cooperation
    • Teams work within a complex organization, so it is important to have the right organizational structure to support their work.
  • Change management
    • People, teams, and organizations need to constantly evolve to be able to adapt to an ever-changing environment.

Off-site training

If you are interested in our offsite training, please contact us directly.