Supporting individual development with LIFO

Our method helps you discover and become aware of your behavioral patterns, your inherent strengths and blind spots, and their impact on others.

The problem it solves

In both our work and personal roles, there are tasks and situations that we can easily cope with and others that we find difficult, even avoid. The same applies to our human relationships. The more we are aware of our functioning and the impact it has on others, the more we can manage/control the patterns and solutions we choose in different situations and social interactions.

Problems: recurring conflicts and breakdowns/communication difficulties / uncomfortable work situations / poor performance.


Life Orientations (LIFO) is a tool that offers an opportunity for development, by helping you to use your strengths consciously by completing the assessment questionnaire and evaluating the results, while also helping you to identify blind spots. It can also help us to improve our performance and achieve more productive cooperation with other team members and colleagues. The LIFO is not a personality test, as it assesses behaviour.


The Life Orientations (LIFO) questionnaire can be completed in both English and Hungarian. The questionnaire takes about 30 minutes to complete. The completed report (35+ pages) will be discussed and interpreted with the respondent so that he/she will learn about the LIFO approach in addition to his/her behavioral patterns.

he LIFO questionnaire helps us to assess the different behavioral patterns that people instinctively resort to in preferred – within their comfort zone – and less preferred – outside their comfort zone, in stressful situations. It uses a development strategy that does not require us to change ourselves. Instead, it builds on our understanding of our behavioral patterns to improve our performance and effectiveness.

The method can be used for individual and group development.

Off-site training

If you are interested in our offsite training, please contact us directly.

Our main methods and tools

The process of processing the results is always tailored to you. Following the assessment consultation, it is possible to embed the development potential in a coaching process, where we provide individual support with the most effective combination of coaching tools to help you use your resources more effectively, find the communication styles that will enable you to work more effectively with your colleagues.

Realizable benefits

  • With the support of individual development, you will gain a deeper understanding or awareness of your behavioral style, so you can communicate more effectively, even in conflict situations.
  • The method helps to increase the effectiveness of the selection process, as the report reveals differences between candidates that may be hidden by traditional selection methods.
  • By understanding individual operating patterns, development plans can be put together which can be used by managers to assess team members and can also form the basis for joint discussions, thus deepening the level of trust.